Chris Little
Chris was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. He is self-taught and self-made; nobody handed anything to him.  He had to work is ass off every day to turn his dreams into a reality. He has always been an artist; from a young Rez boy to present, He is always drawing; it's a passion.  Art is a deep rooted part of him and he never gets tired of creating.  He loves to challenge himself with various mediums; paper, skin (tattoos), photography, digital art and when he is in the mood, painting. He is inspired daily by the artistes around him and at his studio.  " I am blessed to go to work each day, blast music and get lost in a piece while turning my client’s ideas into permanent art that they get to have with them always.  It never gets old to hear a client's idea and apply my skill to blow them away with the end product. This is what i was born to do...”. He lives for art, and art lives in him.  His specializes is to creating clients one of a kind pieces.